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Ireland is an island situated to the west of England and is bordered by the Atlantic ocean to the west and the Irish sea to the east. It is famed for a number of things but among these is its outstanding beauty and lush green vista., earning it the phase 'the emerald isle'. Ireland is a mild but very wet country and there are plenty of things to see and do whatever you are interested in. The country is a popular destination for whale watching as well as having some impressive surfing conditions. The beaches are perfect for horse riding and there are many beautiful walks whatever your level of fitness. If you are not quite so outdoorsy there are plenty of entertainments options with a more indoors theme such as art galleries, museums and theatres.

Ireland is of course famed for its Guinness and this is something that has been made in Dublin since 1759 when it was started by the Guinness family. It is the most popular drink in Ireland and is well loved worldwide where it takes over 2 billion per year. It is also popular mixed with other drinks.

Mythology is strong in Ireland to and this site takes a look at just a few of the famous Irish fairies - including the Leprechaun.

The bodhran is an Irish drum that was originally used in a war context. It has been linked to native american drums and may even have a Spanish influence in Ireland. Its use in music is relatively modern and here it has all but taken over from the tambourine.

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