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If you come to Dublin, you are going to ask one question, “does Guinness beer really taste differently and better when drunk in a pub in Dublin?"  That is one thing you have to find out for yourself; first you have to know that any drink is good to taste better in an authentic local pub, surrounded by the atmosphere and accompanied by the local cuisine.  The story of this stout's origin is almost as interesting as its taste.  Arthur Guinness was the son of a land steward, who taught him everything about brewing a good stout.  A bishop, the godfather of young Arthur, left him £100 when he died.  Arthur used this money to start a brewery in Leixlip, and in 1759, he moved to Dublin. 
The original composition of the stout is still being followed in the making of the brews which are still being brewed in the premises at St James's Gate today.  The beer is made of barley, water, hops, brewers yeast and malt.  The traditional colour of the beer is obtained by roasting the barley a little.  This colour needs to be dark ruby instead of the supposed colour of black.  Some people do not drink beer, because they are in the misconception that one pint of beer is equal to having a full meal.  That is wrong.  1 pint of beer just has 198 cal, which is equal to 1-pint skimmed milk!
Guinness is brewed throughout the world, in fact, in Nigeria; sorghum is used instead of barley to make Guinness extra Stout.  Made by the original Guinness worth extract, which has hops but is unfermented.  The brewing Guinness has this extract added to it to give it that extra flavour.