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Ireland: CULTURE

If one looks at the historical aspect of Ireland, one would be amazed at its rich culture and history.  Many families in Ireland can still go back in their genealogical lines to the dynasties of great Irish kings.  That is because Ireland has been around for 1.7 billion years, and some sort of civilisation was flourishing here, even when recording history was not part of the daily round of arrival, food gathering, and hunting the extinct elk which was as big as a horse and had antlers about 7-10 feet long!
Irish culture is focused upon good food, good drink, imaginative stories, plenty of dancing and singing, music and folklore.  Anybody who comes to Ireland can imagine the atmosphere, which bred stories of the little men named pixies and leprechauns.  They would lead you to their hidden treasure if you manage to catch them.  Nevertheless, they are quite malicious and would serve you a bad turn because you try to take advantage of their normal good-nature. Then no gathering is going to be complete without the story of a banshee and how it decided to howl around the walls of a castle to portend death and disaster upon the inmates.

To get the best possible feel forIreland and see all the best sites, you may want to consider taking a guided tour, these can be relatively cheap and will definitely be worth the cost. Below is listed some great tourguide websites; - Tour guides

Nature is an integral part of Irish culture, and some traditions have come down from Celtic times.  An Irish blessing and an Irish curse is a tradition, which is slowly dying out, but ancient traditions are slowly being revived because of the renewed interest in Irish culture and tradition all over the world.  The Irish have been blessed with a musical talent and twinkle toes.  This traditional dancing can be seen in River Dance, which made Irish dancing popular all over the globe.  Moreover, after you have finished dancing, refresh yourself with Guinness beer and the water of life, whisky.