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Irish Mythology: FENIAN CYCLE

The Fenian Cycle is the third cycle of Irish Mythology, coming after the Ulster cycle.  It talks about a king Fionn and the idea is that his son Oisin wrote many of the poems.  The poems describe any of the members of the family, including Oscar, Oisin’s son, and some of his relatives and friends like Diarmuid and Caílte.
The story goes somewhat like this.  The high King named Cormac MacArt made a coalition of the Irish clans called the Fianna. A king Cumhal rules clan Bascna.  He is killed in a battle, and his Treasury stolen by the King of the Morna, Goll. Cumhal’s wife manages to save herself and marries another King.  Her son who was born during her exile is taken care of a druidess .  The boy has fair hair and that is why he is called Fionn.  He decides to resume the treasure as soon as he grows up.  He does that and distributes the retrieved treasure among the survivors of the battle that killed his father.  He soon becomes the leader of the clan Bascna. 
He also becomes the leader of the Morna after subduing Goll.  He marries a woman named Sadbh and has a son named Oisin, the writer of these poems.  The rest of the story is full of the revolt of some kings who did not want to pay fealty to Fiann.  Some stories say that five warriors and other stories say that he died fighting against Aichlech Mac Dubdrenn murdered Fiann.  Oisin and 19 others only managed to survive the battle that ended the story of the Fenian cycle.