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If you want to know more about the geography of Ireland, you will first have to know the location of Ireland.  It is a small island in the north of the Atlantic.  It consists of plains interspersed with mountains upon the coast. 
This whole coastline consists of many peninsulas, islands, bays and headlands.  Shannon River bisects the island in two.  There are also plenty of lakes in Ireland, out of which the largest is Lough Neagh.  If you look at the political aspect of Ireland, Northern Ireland is governed by the United Kingdom.  This is 1/6 of Ireland state, which is independent. 
The Irish separates Ireland from the UK.  In the same manner, the Celtic Sea separates Ireland from mainland Europe.  If you want to know how old the rock formations in Ireland are, they are just 1.7 billion years old!  You then see these rocks in Ireland, even now.  These rocks started off life as deposits from glaciers of ice, which means that Ireland was completely icebound at one time.  But the sequencing of these ancient rocks cannot be done, because of future geographical upheavals in the land.

600 million years ago, Ireland was below the sea, and the landmass broke off into two.  But for 150 million years ago, these broken portions drifted together to make up Ireland with its characteristic flora and fauna of that age, which can be found in the shape of fossils.  This was the time when red Sandstone was formed in Ireland.