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Guinness launched an ad campaign a couple of years ago, "Guinness is good for you” and of course they were right.  It is a proven fact that Guinness has plenty of good ingredients in it, which are quite conducive to good health.  If you are looking for a drink which has fewer calories, less alcohol, fewer carbohydrates, will protect you from heart attacks, there is the Guinness for you.  Budweiser, Samuel Adams, and even Heineken have more carbohydrates, calories and alcohol content then a Guinness beer. 

You could consider the amount of carbohydrate and calories of a full-blooded Guinness to be close to the low carbohydrate and light beers of these other companies.  So naturally, one would prefer enjoying the taste of a full beer in the shape of a Guinness, rather than having something which is light, in some other brand.  It has even less carbohydrates and calories than orange juice and low-fat milk! 

The grains, which are used in this beer, are quite useful in making sure that blood clots never happen, that means no heart attacks.  This beer also has plenty of antioxidants and flavonoids, which are present in dark fruit and vegetables.  That means no clogged arteries ever.  If you look at the amount of vitamin B in lighter beers, Guinness beer is going to have a higher concentration of this vitamin, hands down, which means that the level of homocysteine in the body is lowered.  That means that the chances of arterial clogging are reduced drastically.
So enjoy your Guinness.