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Guinness: HISTORY

Anybody who enjoys having a drink to relax must have tasted Guinness beer sometime in his life.  This beer is among the most famous beers in the world.  Arthur Guinness leased an area in St. James gate at £45 per annum, for 9000 years.  This was in 1759 and since then, Guinness has made its presence felt the entire world.  In 1914, this brewery was the worst largest brewery, which covered 64 acres. 
Nowadays, it isn't the largest brewery, but it is the largest stout brewer which is exported all over the world.  This brewery also had its own power accounts so that all the electricity needed for brewing Guinness beer could be utilised effectively and efficiently.  You can go and look at the attractive exhibition of the 250 years of Guinness history in a museum called the Guinness Storehouse.
The great grandson of Arthur Guinness was another Arthur, Baron Ardilaun who sold the whole brewery to one of his uncles Edward.  Edward managed to make this enterprise so profitable that he was created the first Earl of Iveagh.  This is a totally family controlled affair until The London stock exchange began dealing in Guinness beer shares in 1886.  Members of the family chaired this company until 1992, when the last Earl died.  Nowadays, there is no family member upon the board.  This company has now merged with another company named Grand Metropolitan, which has a standing of €40 billion in the stock exchange today.