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Ireland has a justifiably rich and proud history, because after all, it has been around for a period of 1.9 billion years.  Man started writing his history only about 5000 years ago, but before that history took the shape of ecology and legendary figures.  There are four important eras of ancient Irish history, which can was supposed to be the mythological cycle, the Ulster cycle, the Fennian cycle and the historical cycle. 

As history came down in the shape of word of mouth from one generation to another, as the bards sang it, we get to know about ancient Irish history, which went back to the times when Jesus Christ was born.  The historical figures that lived at this time, their stories, their lives and deaths are all noted down in the form of poetry.  Irish history has not been a peaceful one. 

It was only around 600 AD, that the pagan religion  gave away to Christianity, and the mythological figures of that time began to rely more on themselves and their prowess as well as their faith in the one Christian God, instead of taking the help of numerous pagan goddesses and gods, to solve their problems for them.  The Danes and the Vikings have always subjected Scotland Ireland, Wales and England to the invasions.  And that is why their traditions and culture are an integral part of Irish history.  Northern Ireland has been under British rule and the rest of the island, which is independent, wants the whole of Ireland, independent.  This is the present face and situation of a warrior race.