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Pouring out a beer in a manner, which makes the “head” foam up in a very attractive way, is an art, which will always come in handy.  In fact half of the beer drinkers are under the impression that if they do not have the foam-head-bubbling all over the sides of the glass and onto the table, like soap suds, half of the fun of drinking beer is lost.  Their idea of a good beer is all about head, the bubbles that blow on top of the beer, the body -a beer rich in taste and which can be appreciated to its last drop.  That is the reason why pouring out of a beer has to be done very carefully. 

The main problem is that the moment you take off the lid off the beer bottle or the can, the foam starts escaping as fast as it can.  That is why it is necessary to tilt the bottle immediately into a mug, which is heard at an angle of 45°.  Let the liquid beer pouring to the mug.  The foam is immediately going to reach the top of the mug.  Allow it to settle for a couple of minutes and then pour the beer again into the mug. 

You will soon find that the liquid beer is in its place in the mug, and there is a very attractive head bubbling up on the surface of the mug. Serve the beer upon a coaster.  Take a deep sip of your Guinness and enjoy.  Keep replacing the beer, when you think that the beer needs replenishing.