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The Irish had been a warrior breed for centuries and that is why it is necessary for them to get rid off all that excess warrior spirit and energy by tackling somebody upon the battlefield of sport.  Asterix and Obelix were Gauls but they did not get rid of the Romans by boxing.  Irish boxing has come down from mediaeval times.  It is one of the most popular Irish sports, and many of the world champions were Irish.  Using your fists properly and in a methodical way is a part of the sports training done to children, who are interested in boxing in Ireland.

The idea is catching them young to get a future possible “champeen.” Apart from this sport, you're going to see plenty of worthy and world champions from Ireland in the fields of golf, snooker, football, rugby, swimming, and naturally, weightlifting.  The warrior like and competitive genes are there, which is a mixture of Gaul, Saxon, Danes, Vikings and Normans.  During the Second World War, the Irish were known as the battling Irish, because they never gave up.  So now, when the Irish cannot go out to conquer the world through Battle, they are going to conquer the world through sport.  Golfing and fishing are another two sports, which are thoroughly enjoyed by the natives as well as bring many tourists to Ireland.
Gaelic football is a traditional game that consists of 15 players and can be considered a cross between soccer and rugby.  This football is being revived by an association, which wants this traditional game to flourish and become popular.