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If you look at the different varieties of Guinness beer, you are going to see that it is sold in a wide-ranging variety, as well as at different strengths.  Some of these varieties are given below, Guinness draught Stout, which is available in Kegs.

An extra cold Stout is put in a cooler, so that you get this draught Stout, chilled.  You can also get bottled Guinness, which is very popular, and as well as Guinness beers in cans.  The bottle and the canned beer come with an original and patented widget, which makes sure that you are not bereft of the foamy experience!  The original Guinness as well as the extra Stout, which was originally made by Arthur Guinness, is also available today in UK and Ireland. 

The same composition, but stronger in the alcoholic content can be found in Canada Europe, Canada, Australia, Japan and the United States.  The foreign extra Stout, made by Guinness is made locally in some countries, with Guinness collaboration.  Art of these, the Nigerian extra Stout is getting to be extremely popular.  You can find these Stout drew in Southeast Asia and Cameroon.

There are also other alcoholic drinks made by Guinness, and these include Kilkenny and Harp’s lager.  Some of these brands have been withdrawn and these include extra Strong Stout, Guinness brite lager, Guinness cream Stout, Guinness lite, Guinness Gold, Guinness bright ale and Special Light.  One of the most popular Guinness brands sold in Africa is known as Malta Guinness, which is sweet and non-alcoholic.  They also produce Budweiser beer, because they are a franchisee of Budweiser!