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There was a time when Ireland was under the sea as well as under ice.  So, when it managed to come up onto the surface, the only wildlife which could be found there was any flying bird or insect which could arrive there from the sea or up on the air.  People say that they are no snakes in Ireland, and they are not going to be there, ever let somebody decides to introduce them just in the manner rabbits and cats were introduced in Australia.  Ireland does not also have any native turtles.  The Kuwaiti life is confined to frogs and newts.  Ireland also has a lizard, which does not lay eggs but bears living baby lizards. 
The birdlife is of course the same as that found in any other island of the British Isles.  The melting of the glaciers wiped out every form of life in the island.  The Emerald Isle is made up of moors, bog lands, rivers and mountains, lakes and streams, so one can understand that it is going to be justly famous for its salmon fishing.  The sea trout as well as the Atlantic salmon come here to spawn and breed.  They come into the rivers through the ocean and put up a fight whenever any dedicated angler decides to hook them.  A 20 pounds salmon is quite common, but the one that got away can grow up to 40 pounds.  Other fish, which can be found here, are plaice, mullet, perch and Pike.  You can also dig upon the beaches to get cockles, whelk and clams.
The game found in Ireland is woodcock, snipe, pochard, and geese.